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"Alan Goldberg is an artist with a creative and passionate taste for making cinematic musical pieces."




“Alan Goldberg places a tremendous amount of passion and integrity into his music, and any fan of authentic jazz fusion will definitely connect with his mastery of composition and vibrant personality.”




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In 2001, I released a CD  (remember those?) of solo piano music called “Small Acts”, so named because each song represented a small act that I can do to make myself and hopefully a small part of the world, better.

Now 2o years later, a completely remixed and remastered version, with three new "small acts"  is coming.  Read the story here.

New videos from "Small Acts-20th Anniversary Edition" bonus tracks:

"Fixing It"

"Listening Well"

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Alan Goldberg

Longtime Austin-based musician and composer Alan Goldberg uses his passion for melody, harmony, and the divine to fuel his compositions.  Anchored by the piano and supported by jazz, progressive rock, and blues, his musical explorations flow from prog rock to mellow jazz in a seamless web of musical storytelling.


 Goldberg’s roots in classic progressive rock, including such bands as  Yes, Jethro Tull, Genesis, Frank Zappa, and The Who, along with blues rock and jazz fusion influences like Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea,   built a foundation of melody, harmony, and rhythm that fused together and molded his improvisational piano style. He has played keyboards in local Austin blues/Rock bands for the past 20 years, absorbing the Austin vibe to keep the musical roots and vibe fresh and immediate.

The music from his first three albums is used for meditation, yoga, relaxation, and background music in spiritual settings. Goldberg plays a fusion of  prog rock, blues, and jazz in "Passion No Distraction", and returns to jazz ensemble in "The Show EP".

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