"Alan Goldberg is an artist with a creative and passionate taste for making cinematic musical pieces."

"Overall, the whole record will leave you craving for more of Goldberg’s compelling and personal vision."

                                              - Ink19.com

                                                January 8, 2020



"Passion No Distraction is akin to a musical journey. The best way to enjoy this record is to close your eyes, and let the music pave the way, opening the doors to your imagination.

                                              - JazzCorner.com

                                                September 18, 2020


Latest Happenings!

April 14, 2020

January 24, 2020

My new single "The Show" is OUT! . It's a quirky little Jazz ensemble tune perfect for a show introduction.


Jan 9, 2020

Check out the new album review published on Ink19.com. I appreciate the kind words!

Thanks to JazzCorner for publishing an interview they did with me on my "origin story". Everyone has one, and this summarizes  mine.

The Show

The Show-S.jpg

Alan Goldberg

Longtime Austin-based musician and composer Alan Goldberg creates a roller coaster ride of piano-based progressive fusion music to give the listener surprises, twists, and weightless moments.


 Goldberg’s roots in classic progressive rock, including such bands as  Yes, Jethro Tull, Genesis, Frank Zappa, and The Who, along with blues rock and jazz fusion influences like The Allman Brothers and Chick Corea,   fused together and molded his improvisational piano style. He has played keyboards in local Austin blues/Rock bands for the past 20 years, absorbing the Austin vibe to keep the musical roots and vibe fresh and immediate.


As a solo recording artist, he realized that the way to capture his passion most honestly was to “just press record” and capture his piano performances in real time. This approach served as the backbone for his latest album - “Passion No Distraction”,


The music from his three previous albums-, “Fuel For The Fire” (vinyl only!), “Small Acts”, and “Chasing Stray Flames” is used for meditation, yoga, relaxation, background music in spiritual settings.  " I play a  fusion of  “proggy” rock, blues, and jazz that demanded attention.” Goldberg explains regarding his new album.

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