"Alan Goldberg is an artist with a creative and passionate taste for making cinematic musical pieces."


"Overall, the whole record will leave you craving for more of Goldberg’s compelling and personal vision."


                                                January 8, 2020

"Passion No Distraction is akin to a musical journey. The best way to enjoy this record is to close your eyes, and let the music pave the way, opening the doors to your imagination."


                                          September 18,2019


"Goldberg is a fantastic performer and musician, who is ultimately able to create a much deeper emotional connection with his listeners, regardless of their background."


                                          September 18,2019





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 Alan Goldberg creates a roller coaster ride of piano-based progressive fusion music to give the listener surprises, twists, and some weightless moments.

Goldberg is a boomer. His roots are in the music that he came of age with – The Who, Yes, Jethro Tull, ELP, Chick Corea, Frank Zappa. Sure, those bands kept making music and he always listened. But it’s about those first years when they were putting out their core work and the feeling of being surprised and unsure where things were heading musically that he liked. That feeling is what he wants to recreate with his music, in his unique style. Goldberg wants to create the same experience for the listener that he had growing up, when he would put a new album on the turntable,  sit in his dad’s big recliner,  and as the needle dropped,  not know what to expect, or where the music would lead him. He wants the listener to hop on his musical roller coaster and have their soul go weightless for a moment.

Goldberg followed that branch of music from his roots over the years and found artists that, to him, sustain the spirit and feeling of those bands. Bands like The Dear Hunter, Coheed and Cambria, Circa Survive, Between the Buried and Me, and lots of Blues and Jazz thrown into the mix. Goldberg grew up in Waterloo, Iowa, lived in Minneapolis – think Prince,  The Replacements, and Peter Himmelman -  for many winters, and now lives in Austin, Texas the land of Stevie Ray Vaughan. He’s played in local blues/rock bands for the past 20 years.  It all comes together in a well-seasoned stew of musical inspiration.

 Goldberg uses an improvisational piano style to record the initial piano tracks, captured in real time and on video, then adds tracks of ensemble instruments - bass, drums, organ, guitar, horns to the piece where the muse requires it. The ‘in the moment’ improvisational style leads to a roller coaster ride of melodies and interwoven parts that serve as the backbone for his latest album - “Passion No Distraction”, as well as his previous three albums, “Fuel For The Fire”, “Small Acts”, and “Chasing Stray Flames”.

The music from his previous albums is used for meditation, yoga, relaxation, and background music in spiritual settings, but Goldberg plays a fusion of  “proggy” rock, blues, and jazz that needed to be expressed.

After his second cancer fight, it was time to go all out and realize this music. He built a life philosophy of pursuing my passion, and eliminating distractions, to enable the music to flow.


Goldberg got help from local Austin drummer Mike Davila on some of the songs on Passion No Distraction, with mixing and mastering work done by engineer Tim Dolbear from Eclectica Studios in Nashville. He is planning to collaborate with more musicians on his next album project, adding their own passion to the piece. He is also planning to do more soundtrack work. “My technique works with video as well. I watch. I play in real time, and then I discover the piece.  It can work well when I’m watching something that directs passion in a particular way. Everything can spark an inspiration. 

His new release is "Passion No Distraction", available August 24, 2019 on streaming services.