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About the Art

I would like to thank  the talented artists mentioned here for helping me with the artwork for my music releases . I am grateful that they were both willing to give of their time and talents to make

the whole project better, and for indulging my wild ideas.

The pictures of me  with the 'melting' electronics on the home page background and in other poses was taken by  talented photographer Diane Guccione. Diane  has a great eye and captures the essence of her subject matter perfectly.

About Diane:

Diane Guccione Resume 9.23.2018-page-001

The cover art for the original "The Show" was done by Vshane Colclough. He took my cover vision and made it a reality. Jix, the Master of Ceremonies is a character from a science fiction story I wrote as a teenager. He's actually an alien from the planet Sergor, but he likes all Earth music, and being on life's stage. He will show up again.

The Show-S.jpg

Kat Powell is a talented artist who worked with me on The Show EP cover as well as the covers for "Intermezzo Liscio" and "Finale Consumato". She is a very talented Texas-based artist.

The Show EP Cover_600.jpg
Core Logo bigger 071219.jpg

The Passion No Distraction (PnD) logo was designed by talented artist Cooky Goldblatt. Cooky's art is amazing and I urge you to check out her Instagram page. Cooky listened to my vision for the PnD logo and brought it to realization.

The central "star nut" represents my inner essence, or soul. It exists outside of my ego and personality.

The ring  and space around the star nut represents 'inner workings', including ego, thoughts. feelings, memories.

The 'arms that reach out from the ring represent communication (speech, music),   and action pairs reaching out into the world to interact with others and create change.


“ I think art is not an ornament or refinement at the  fringe of human intelligence.
 I think it’s at the center. It’s at the core” - Robert Pinsky  ( former poet laureate of
 the Library of Congress)

"I agree. And as a musician myself, I appreciate Al’s music for its intent, intensity
>and beauty."

-- Cooky Goldblatt

                                         * * * * *

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