Coming October  2020!!

The Show EP

“Alan Goldberg places a tremendous amount of passion and integrity into his music, and any fan of authentic jazz fusion will definitely connect with his mastery of composition and vibrant personality.”

 - JazzCorner


 Alan Goldberg’s Latest EP delivers Incidental Music With Purpose


AUSTIN, TEXAS - The four songs on Alan Goldberg’s “The Show” EP bring a fresh jazzy flair to the long tradition of incidental music - music played when the show isn’t going on. The four song set on The Show EP is crafted to be played, either recorded or live, as incidental music “around”a stage performance of any kind, for any type of performance from school productions on up. The can be played by a small instrumental jazz style combo of moderate skill made up of piano, bass, drums, and some horns. Goldberg worked remotely with talented musicians from around the country to pull together the tracks for the songs.  Goldberg's new EP release follows his four previous albums releases of piano-centered instrumental music.“I made this incidental music at a time when there was little going on in the way of  live audience performances,” Goldberg explains, “but I could see and hear ‘The Show’ in my head’. I knew that live shows will be back stronger than ever”.


The Show starts out with “The Show: Redux”, an upbeat introduction or theme song, “The whole EP concept came from a forty second piece of music I made as an intro for a film that wasn’t used. I turned that into “The Show :Redux” and it all blossomed from there into a happy, playful, and relaxed set of music,” Goldberg explains.

Two Entr’acte - between act -  pieces follow. “Intermizzion: One”, an upbeat, playful song that plays during the first part of an Intermission when people jump up and move about seeking relief or refreshment. “Intermizzion: One”  also works well as an alternative toe tapping theme song.


“Intermezzo: Liscio”(LEE-sho) is a relaxing, ‘slinky’ song played during the last part of an intermission, a perfect accompaniment as people relax, enjoy their refreshment, chat, zone in their phone, or just rest before the performance restarts. The song re-imagines the melody from “Intermizzion: One”, tying the whole intermission together.


The fourth song, “Finale: Consumato” plays when the lights come up. Consumato is an Italian word meaning, “consumed”. The show is over, the night is done. The entertainment has been consumed.  When the song begins, it’s a perfect accompaniment to people filing out of their rows, heading to the exit and getting on with the rest of their lives.  The theater empties.

It’s only those few people who decide to stay and listen who hear the song rise in intensity and become the true finale to the evening.


For more information, promo requests, or to arrange an interview, contact: Alan Goldberg at   512-572-9079